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Monday, August 6, 2012

Remembering the Gospel

Hi everybody! 

It sounds like life is wonderful in Utah and out in Michigan, and it's especially good to hear that you are HAPPY.  Thank you so much for your emails and support.  This week just about exploded with miracles that I'm so excited to tell you about!

First miracle is Haley.  A long time ago, back in my first transfer here, we went tracting one day (which is kind of a rare occurrence since it isn't always the most effective) and knocked on this door where the man was super nice and down-to-earth, but wasn't interested because he didn't have Christian beliefs.  BUT he told us that his wife and two daughters were hard core Baptist and that his older daughter, Haley, had a goal to go to all the different churches in the Valley this summer and do some exploring to find out for herself which is THEE church.  And this girl is only 12 years old!! Sound like a familiar story? No wonder Heavenly Father revealed His restored gospel through a 14-year-old boy!  These kids are so incredible, so insightful, and most importantly, so humble. 

Anyways, we came back many times to talk to Haley but she was never home.  This past week we went back again and she was finally home!  So we met Haley, and let me tell ya, this girl is cool.  She acts like she's about 30, but has the teachablility and humility of a small child.  So we sat down with her that day, taught her about the Restoration, and invited her to be baptized at the end of our first meeting.  I almost fell off my chair when she quickly nodded and said without hesitation, "Yeah!"  She had just been baptized into her Baptist church two months ago and is very committed to her church.  But it just goes to show how powerful the Holy Ghost is in testifying of truth.  We've had a few lessons with her since, and it is so amazing to hear her say after a lesson,"That just makes sense."  (definitely a common theme that we hear from our investigators.)  Haley isn't LEARNING the Gospel. She's REMEMBERING the Gospel.  Her Spirit is just remembering everything that it already knew about Heavenly Father's love for her and His amazing plan for her. 

So my time is up, and I'm so sad because there was so much more to share!  I really need to get quicker at this whole story-telling thing. But I'm so excited to let you know about Haley next week!  I love you all so much fan!  

Hermana Leavitt 

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