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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

If I Could Only Say One Thing...

UPDATE ON VISA WAITERS form the Buenos Aries West Mission Blog:
"The good news is that we have received all of the April visas for the missionaries that were due to come in that group! I know that some mission presidents have already told our missionaries that they will be on their way next Monday. However, ALL of the April group will be coming! If you haven't heard from your missionary, please do not worry. Please do not call or write or try to communicate with your missionary in any way. Many presidents, including the one here in Buenos Aires West, don't tell their missionaries they are leaving until the day before. Just be sure you have your phone handy on Monday in case your April waiter happens to have a little extra time at the airport to give you a call. Otherwise, you can look forward to a picture from Argentina next Tuesday...a week from today!!!!!!!

That good news means that we have 13 waiters left...7 still in the US and 6 in six different countries of Latin America. We are not forgetting them and continue to keep them in our prayers."

Elise's email yesterday was short and sweet--she was catching up on longer family letters, and we sensed a bit of discouragement at not having her visa. Elise doesn't know she's going yet, but she will be soooooo thrilled! Thank you for all your prayers and support! Check out pics on the Buenos Aries West Mission Blog next Tuesday! Hello Argentina!

If I could only say one thing...it would be that God is REAL, He is our FATHER, and He LOVES us!

I honestly am so sorry I don't have more time, I will make up for it next week. I love you all so so very much. 
Sister Leavitt

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  1. WAHOOO!!!!!!! I'm so happy it finally came through!! She's going to be sooo happy when she finds out!