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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Good-bye Spokane Valley, Hello Argentina!

Hey Leavitt Fam!
Wow, things have changed in the blink of an eye!  President told me to do my laundry and email my family on Saturday, so that's why you're getting an early email, because on Monday I'll be in a plane headed to Argentina!  But you already knew that. :) 
I honestly don't know what to write because I have no idea what's in store for me, but I'm definitely beyond excited to be able to start my "second mission."  Ever since Wednesday it's been a crazy whirlwind of action, getting Sister Almaraz ready to take over the area and getting me ready for Argentina. The poor thing is so nervous about taking over the area, and she has to be a "solo sister" for a week seeing as I'm leaving before transfers.  And we have just been seeing miracle after miracle this week in the Bowdish area.  I wanted to tell you about one specific cool thing that happened. 
On Tuesday something happened where many of our appointments fell through and a missionary's worst nightmare was realized: We didn't have any more plans, we were left with nothing to do.  So being the faithful little things we are we said a prayer to Heavenly Father asking for forgiveness for not planning very well and asking Him to guide us as to what we should do.  Nothing hit us, so I suggested we go tracting at some of these apartments that I had tracted when I first got to Washington.  I wasn't terribly excited about my idea, seeing as this apartment complex isn't the most pleasant of places (there's a sign on one of the doors that says "No Solicitors and NO HANGING BLACK TAGS!!") but hey, it was something to do. 
So we went and started knocking and finally a door opened and a big man with a huge beard stood in the doorway.  I immediately recognized him and realized with horror that we had already knocked these specific doors a few months earlier and this particular man hadn't been the friendliest guy ever.  He obviously recognized me too, but his reaction took me by complete surprise.  "Hey I know you! You're the church girls." What followed was then a delightful conversation with this man who had been so grumpy the last time and wanted NOTHING to do with us. But THIS time he was like, "You know I've been looking for a chuch, and I think this might be just what I'm looking for."  Um.... what?!  We were so surprised and happy, and we have a church tour with him next week! 
It just goes to show that Heavenly Father really does guide us, even in our ideas that might seem silly.  He knew that Dan was now ready to open his heart, even though just a few short months ago he had been completely closed.  So He led us to him, and gave him a second chance. But I also want to note that we had to knock at a few nasty doors and get rejected a good amount before we got to the miracle.  Patience.  It's something we all want but don't want to practice right?
Anyways, that was super cool, and just one example of the way that this marvelous missionary work is moving forward in the Spokane Valley.  I'm gonna miss this place with all my heart.  We went to a ward barbecue last night, and I realized how much I LOVE all of these people.  They just wrapped their arms around me and made me their own, and the little Indiana Branch and amazing Bowdish Ward in Spokane Valley will forever be in my heart. 
I love this work so much, and I love being a representative of Jesus Christ each and every day!  I know He lives and that He brings light and happiness and peace to our lives if we just let Him.  His Restored Gospel is on the earth today in all of it's glory!  And I'm so excited to see this work move forth in the Buenos Aires West Mission now!  It's going to be another adventure of a life time!
Love you so much fam, and I hope you have an amazing week.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers on my behalf, and tell everyone else thank you too.  It means so much to me.  Love you, and the next time I report, it'll be probably be from a little internet cafe in Buenos Aires, Argentina! :)
All my love, 
Hermana Leavitt

 Our crazy district.  I'm gonna miss these Elders and Sister a LOT.

We had a girl's facial night at Sister Floyd's house with Alicia and Katelyn, along with an amazing lesson. Now THIS family I am going to miss.  And I'm so sad that I miss their baptism by a week especially since I've been with them throughout the whole journey.  But the good thing is I get to come back and visit in a few years! :)

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