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Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Autumn Days

It has been a glorious week here in Padua with warm, autumn days, crunchy leaves and soooo many incredible people that we have taught and met.  

Clotilde continues to progress and continues to blow me away with her understanding and her amazing questions.  She came to church yesterday, sat down in Gospel Principles, and took careful notes in her manual (which, may I remind you, she's read all the way through).  After the class, which was about priesthood authority, she went up to the teacher and began asking him question after question.  But the thing I love about Clotilde is that she never tries to argue or "bash."  She just wants to understand. She is so, so close to baptism.  Just waiting for that confirmation to tip the scale between confirmations and doubts. We are praying in every moment that she will receive "the answer" and that we as her missionaries will know what to teach and what to do.  

Solange and Silvia are sadly not progressing very well.  We just passed too many days without being able to have contanct with them, and I think sneaky little Satan takes that time to implant little lies like, "I don't have enough time for this."  I still love them so much, and we haven't given up completely, but it's going to take some time to get back in their home and reinfuse the spirit into their lives.  

This week, we met the coolest guy named Andres.  Mixture between Cam and Zach Meinzer, if you can try to imagine that. Mostly just because he's trendy, LOVES photography, and LOVES triathalons! We met him when we were down in some obscure corner of our area where we never go, but we went to contact a referral that ended up being a fake address. So we decided to knock a few doors, and the first door we knocked on was Andres.  He's kind of a Peter Pan.  Middle-aged, single man that has this awesome job doing modern architecture and pursuing all the hobbies in the world, but still hasn't felt the fulfilling joy that families and the gospel bring.  He served a mission for his Evangelist church as a kid and knows the Bible frontwards and backwards, but there's something about him that's just looking for "more." To be honest, we've only taught him once, so I might be getting you all excited for nothing. But I have a good feeling about it so we'll see!

We've seem to hit a new trend of teaching young men, or future Elders, as we like to say.  I love teaching youth because they're just so frank and open, just like young Joseph Smith.  I'll get you the update on them next time.

I am loving being here in Padua, and loving more than ever being a missionary.  It's funny how every transfer brings challenges that are SO different from the last, but every challenge is like it's custom-prepared to help me change my weaknesses to strengths. Heavenly Father is so involved in this work and is preparing wonderful things for very special people in Padua.  I love this gospel with all my heart, and I know that it is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! 

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