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Monday, January 21, 2013

His Work Moves Forward

Brisa gets baptized this Saturday.  We are working closely with the members to do FHE with families in the ward and she is SOO excited.  I will send pictures for sure!

I think I mentioned an awesome family of 8 that we found outside their house drinking in the sun and their matte the other week. They've gone on vacation until February, but we have such a good feeling about them and I pray for them all the time, that they will be able to receive the gospel and find the strength and faith to move forward in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Their name is the Rodriquez family.  I'll let you know what happens with them.  

And the same faithful trek moves onward with Rosi, Ruben, and another young girl named Candela who is so wonderful. Her mom is a less active member who hasn't been to church since she was 16, but she totally supports Candela taking the lessons and learning more, and Candela comes to church every Sunday (which is a huge deal for little Argentine girls who love to sleep even more than their parents) and she loves it! Heavenly Father is leading us to wonderful people every day, and every day I find myself improving with the language, with my work ethic, with my ability to teach clearly, and with my faith.  It is such an awesome experience being here with Hna. Bird because I really feel myself stretching and growing, and I feel Heavenly Father's help and support through it all.  

Gotta run, but I will send more pictures and updates next week!  Love you all so much!

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