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Monday, September 24, 2012

Tools in His Hands

Hey Fam!

It's a chilly day here in Buenos Aires with the southern Artic winds blowing my crazy blonde hair in every direction. But I'm happy and well, and so excited to be writing you! (P.S. Mom, this Eddie Bauer coat is an absolute miracle because I am as cozy as a bug!)

It's been a week where I've learned alot about what I need to be doing as a missionary to help my investigators find the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be baptized.  When I stop to think about it, it seems a little crazy that 19 year old boys and 21 year old girls have this responsibility to save the souls of Heavenly Father's precious children.  But thankfully, He's the one that's actually doing the saving, and we're just the tools in His hands.  This week, while the numbers don't really show that we're having success, has been a huge success in my mind.  I feel like Hermana Castillo and I are really honing in our purpose, this grand calling we've been given to "Bring the World His Truth."  I've gotten most of my complaining out of my system, we've gotten a good teaching pattern going, we're happy and energized, and we've hit the pavement to find, teach and baptize the wonderful people of San Justo.

So I first need to say that this companion of mine is amazing. You may be wondering about a language barrier between us because she speaks zero English, but there is practically zero barrier there. I understand her Spanish perfectly, and it's actually kind of funny because an Argentine will say something, I'll look at them with a blank stare, then look to her with a plea for help, she says the EXACT same thing almost just as rapidly, and I understand it perfectly.  I recently learned that it is a widely accepted fact that Peruvians have the most refined, beautiful Spanish among the Latin countries, which is why I understand her so well.  Anyways, I was talking about why she's so cool.  First off, with Hermana Castillo, I have learned to be perfectly obedient.  I thought I was perfectly obedient before, but we're talking "to-the-second" obedience.  But the amazing thing is that she is obedient with a sweet smile on her face and never complains.  She is the most charming little Peruvian in the world, and I've learned so much about how to talk with people and show genuine interest (I've gotten pretty good at showing genuine interest without understanding everything that people are saying.  Don't ask me how it's done, but it's possible.) She is focused on her purpose, and together our positive personalities make us feel unstoppable at times! We laugh together, learn together, and I'm loving every moment of being a missionary with her!

Man, the time's already out, and I didn't even get to Amalia or Gladys!  But I'll tell you more about them next time! Just know that I'm happy and loving being a part of this glorious work.  It's the greatest privelege I could ever imagine, and I love being a missionary!  Love you!

Hermana Leavitt

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