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Monday, May 7, 2012

Beautiful Spokane!

5/15/2012 CHANGE--Spokane Address:
Hermana Leavitt
15418 East 24th Avenue
Spokane Valley, WA, 99037-9391

Well, here I am in Spokane Washington!  It is so crazy that I've only been here a week, and already it feels like this is my home.  So once again, I'm going to try to remember that you don't know anything about my life, and try to get out all the basics. 

Spokane Washington:  One of the prettiest places I've ever seen.  Seriously, it is so fresh and green right now, and my favorite part?  THE HILLS.  I never really realized that I don't know what a hilly place looks like.  Mountains yes, but hills are a totally different thing, and I'm obsessed with them.  Sometimes when we're driving around, I feel like I'm in Anne of Green Gables or something (there are so many quaint, beautiful farms around).  Next, this place may be in the U.S. but with the experiences I've had this week, it might as well be a different country. Okay, so here are the basics:

Mission President:  President Palmer and his wife are some of the coolest people I've ever met.  He's from New Zealand and she's from London (originally) and they are just the gentlest, nicest people.  President Palmer reminds me of a shorter, little bit more serious version of Dad the way he talks to people and makes them feel like they're the most important person in the world at that moment.  And everyone I know, missionaries, investigators, and members alike, is obsessed with him. 

My Companions: That's right, I have two!  Sister Christofferson and Sister Ruiz, and they are everything I could have hoped for.  In my hand-written letter I wrote about my terrifying "Fear Busting" experience where they take you out just minutes after landing off the plane to go street contacting, and I mentioned Sister Christofferson.  She was my little companion for that day, and I loved her right away. So gentle, kind, and so focused on the right things.Sister Ruiz is a fearless fireball and she's really been an awesome example of just getting out and talking to people.  (That's my greatest fear and challenge, I'll talk about that later.)

My Area: Okay, so this is crazy.  We are officially in the Spokane Valley (which is super lucky because we live right by President and Sister Palmer and we get really spoiled. Most missionaries live hours away, all the way out to Idaho and Montana.)  But the crazy thing is that we are assigned to two areas, Spanish and English. So this means that we teach English people and Spanish people, go to English AND Spanish wards on Sunday, and our tracting area is HUGE.  Hence, we have a car. We live in the basement of this nice old member lady; it's a really nice place. Which reminds me,the members here are INCREDIBLE.  So willing to help and go out teaching with you.  And they are the best fellowshippers.  

Investigators:  And THIS is where it gets good.  So my first week in the mission field, and we had a baptism!  His name is Agustin (pronounced AUGUSTINE) and I can't even begin to put into words how incredible this man is.  He is small and Hispanic but speaks perfect English, and he is one of the kindest, sweetest people I've ever met.  Right now we are working with a man named Steve. He's about 33, and I'll try to paint a picture for you.  Bald with a beard. lots of tattoos everywhere, and a perpetual smile on his face.  He is the most humble, teachable guy, I absolutely love teaching him.  He listens so intently and asks such thoughtful questions. He's almost like a little boy.  He came to church with us on Sunday and said the FUNNIEST things in Sunday school, I'll have to write them to you in a letter. I'm really excited to see his progress continue (he's getting baptized on June 9).  

It's time to go!  P Days are insane in the mission.  To close, I'll just say that I've never worked so hard in my whole life and never been so incredibly exhausted.  I DO NOT understand why we're so tired, but it's literally the hardest, most satisfying work I've ever done.  This church is TRUE. It is the church of Jesus Christ and He and our Heavenly Father love us SO MUCH!  And I love you all so much!

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