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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Last Week in the Beautifull MTC...Maybe

From the Missionary Mom--Wow, I've apparently become a popular blogger overnight!  The views for this blog went from a maximum of 15 to 325! If you've read the "other" SLC newspaper (who the heck reads the Trib?!) you know that a so-called "news reporter" hacked into many, many missionary blogs last week to write a fun little article on a local celebrity.  Just my luck, I had posted two recent emails only the day before! Of course, the parts we are familiar with were out of context, misquoted and misrepresentative of the bigger scope of things contained in all our missionaries' inspiring letters home to families and friends! Hopefully the onslaught of viewers have caught the real spirit and convictions that are contained in the other 99.99% of our missionary blogs. We included the P.S. notes for fun, and, as we all know, our own sister missionary LOVES everyone she meets with her huge heart! If you would like Elise's emails forwarded, let me know!

Life is awesome.  Spring is bursting all around, and our little district is just continuing to work our hearts out, learning Spanish and practicing teaching.  That's all we do these days. Practice, practice, practice.  Hopefully that'll make perfect right! Unfortunately, the more I teach, the more I find room for improvement, but it's exciting to constantly be improving.

The past week has been full of wonderful lessons, amazing devotionals.  Elder Ballard came to speak to us on Sunday, and (one of the elders) sang for us, "The Spirit of God."  It was one of the most beautiful moments.I had a few opportunities to talk to (that particular elder), and he's just like all the other incredible Elders here.  So impressive, so excited, and so ready.  

 A few of my favorite parts of this week: I realized how many friends I have made with all the older people here, especially the MTC presidency, and I get so much happiness from being their friend!  Because of my little piano calling, I was blessed to be around them alot, and they will be some dear friends forever!  I never knew how good of friends a 21 year old and a 62 year old could be.  But it makes sense, because we're all on the earth for the same reason. :)

As a last little update, I love my companion with all my heart.  Hermana A. is such a loving, incredible example and I'm so blessed to have her!  I love being a missionary, it is the funnest, most fulfilling thing ever I've ever done!  I love this Gospel, and I cannot WAIT to get to Buenos Aires to bring the joy of  our Savior Jesus Christ's message to those people! And lastly, I love YOU family!  And I am so grateful for you and all your love and support!


  1. So to make sense of things, if I want to continue to read Sis. Leavitt's letters I need to send you my email. I need your email so I can send you mine.

  2. Crazy about the reporter! my email is taryntoolson@gmail.com. Please add me! :)

  3. ew I just read the article. I'm sorry that people have to write stuff like that and twist everything around! Annoying. You guys are great and I love y'all!