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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful, Simple Truths

Well life here at the CCM (MTC) is amazing as usual. There is going to be an MTC choir at General Conference and I GET TO SING IN THE CHOIR!! I'm so incredibly excited it's not even funny. 

I never realized how truly wonderful and simple the doctrines are and how intricately interwoven they are with each other.  "Preach My Gospel" is the most amazing resource in the world, and it is quite literally modern-day scripture.  Every Latter-day Saint should read that book to gain more insight into this Gospel.  I've learned that the truly great teachers and gospel scholars in the church are the ones who are able to teach the things that we believe SIMPLY because the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is simple, but sometimes we let ourselves complicate it.  I think it's so fascinating that here at the training center for the Lord's missionaries we learn about the things that we've been learning since we were Sunbeams in Primary.  Not deep, confusing doctrine, but beautiful, simple TRUTH.  It's the most thrilling adventure in the world. 

Spanish is coming along marvelously! Yesterday our district had "HSI" Day ("Hable Su Idioma" or "Speak Your Language") where we only speak Spanish for the whole day.  We all wear these cute little tags that we made, under our nametags and we spend the day as Spanish speakers!  It's extremely hard but surprisingly REALLY fun, especially since everything is ten times funnier in Spanish.  Even the lamest joke is hilarious, so we had a really good time. It's really exciting when you start saying certain things without even thinking about it in English beforehand.  Don't get me wrong, most of the time I have to think really hard before I can say something in Spanish, but I love learning new words and grammar rules every day and using them in my conversations. I truly feel Heavenly Father's loving hand helping me learn both Spanish and the Gospel better than I ever possibly could on my own! 

That's been my favorite part about being here.  Is basically having Him with me all the time.  I can't count the number of conversations I have with my Heavenly Father in a given day about everything that's going own.  I've come to realize that I need His help so very much, but as long as I'm worthy and I ask, He's there with me.  So I just ask all day every day and He's always here.  It's a pretty neat deal! 

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