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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things I love about the MTC!

Things I Love About the MTC:

The ENERGY:  This place is overflowing with energy!  Right after you dropped me off, I was completely drawn in to this marvelous rush of excitement and friendly welcomes.  (I had to wear this big orange dot on my nametag, so everyone knew I was new. But it was WONDERFUL because everyone is soooo nice to you and says, ""Welcome to the MTC Sister!'' Everyone.  And the best part is, it's not like a crazy, out of control energy that you would find at a football game.  It's a very focused, very driven kind of energy and it's in the air around you everywhere all the time.

My Companion:  Okay, I could go on forever.  This girl is absolutely wonderful.  Born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho, she is a farm girl through and through.  She is incredibly loving and incredibly powerful.  We get along marvelously, even though I’m sure she thinks I’m a little ditsy and a tad bit immature (she’s 23.) But I love her so much, and I’m so excited for 9 weeks with her!

My Roommates:  I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky!  I live with my companion and two other girls who are also going to Buenos Aires West and I couldn’t have asked for better!  They are meticulously obedient and so mature and full of the Spirit, it is unreal.  I love those three girls so much, and we just have the best times together. Oh and one of them, Sister Cahoon, is from LEAVITT, Alberta!! You guys never told me we have a TOWN named after our Leavitt’s.  So we are both descendants of Thomas Rowell Leavitt and are completely related! It’s wonderful!

My District:  I cannot even describe how wonderful these people are. And I guess I should explain what a ''zone'' means in the MTC since I never knew.  Well there are 8 of us, and miraculously we are all going to Buenos Aires West! We are so lucky because that is very rare and almost all zones get split up into multiple missions when they leave.  But us 8 will get to spend our whole missions together! So it’s me and my three roommates and then 4 elders who are going to Buenos Aires West.  And those elders . . . oh my goodness.  They are SO obedient and SO earnest and SO loving, basically we have the best zone in the world!  We spend pretty much all day every day together because the majority of our day is spent in this bright little classroom studying the gospel and the language together and getting taught by our marvelous teacher. (He’s my next point.) One of the elder’s, Elder Draper, is from Highland and we kind of knew each other before, but now we are all just such good friends!

My Teacher:  This man is amazing.  He is so full of love for his missionaries (we are his 8 missionaries for the next 9 weeks) and he is such a PATIENT, capable teacher.  I’ve only heard him speak English once in my life and that was on Friday night.  I though it was going to be insane having a teacher that speaks a totally different language to you, but Heavenly Father’s blessing is truly upon this place because we understand everything he says. It is so exciting to understand Spanish and actually joke around and laugh about things in Spanish. Hermano Stevens is the name of my teacher and he is incredible.

The Schedule:  The little missionary planner is my new best friend, and I absolutely love it.  Every minute of our day is planned, so you never have time to be lazy, to get homesick, or to feel sorry for yourself.  

Familiar Faces: There are sooooooo many people that I know here, it’s insane!  My companion is wonderfully patient and has learned to just wait for a second every time I see another face I know. 

OK I’m about to get kicked off and that was only about a third of the things I had written down that I love about the MTC.  But I will give you more next week. :)  I am so incredibly happy here, and I love being a servant of Jesus Christ.  He is truly our Savior and this is his restored Gospel.  I love learning about it and how I can share it with the world!  I love you all so so much!


  1. She sounds so so so happy!! Thanks for the update! :)